• 03.16.15

What Hayao Miyazaki’s Films Look Like As Color Palettes

An artist distills the masterful animated films into their rich, colorful components.

Japanese animator Hayao Miyazaki is a master of color, something that’s easy to forget amid his other talents: the way he intricately imagines worlds, the sense of wonder he makes you feel as his protagonists discover their own powers.


Artist Hyo Taek Kim was inspired by Miyazaki’s use of color to create prints that show each film’s palette as series of colored bars. In the poster for Spirited Away, a film about a young girl who becomes trapped in a bath house, we see the deep red of the bath house that the main character is transported to, juxtaposed against the pale blue sky outside. Though we sometimes get sick of the endless barrage of minimalist posters we encounter online, Kim’s posters do what good design is meant to do: they reveal an insight about the structure of Miyazaki’s art that we might not have noticed otherwise. Kim’s prints are available on Society6 for $15 to $45. You can even get them as a rug!

[via Paste]

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