• 03.26.15

A New Frankenfont Combines Comic Sans And Papyrus

A dream come true.

It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for. The two most hated fonts of all time have finally merged, transforming into a monstrous Frankenfont that will haunt the sensitive souls of designers forever. Yes, Comic Papyrus has arrived. Ben Harman, the font’s designer, gives us his sales pitch on Creative Market: “Comic Papyrus combines the timeless rustic qualities from centuries past with the hilarious fun-loving wit of today’s funny pages. It’ll make you laugh (like a joke) and cry (like a mummy). Simultaneously!” Finally, a solution for that comic strip about ancient Mesopotamia you’ve been waiting to write. The joke font will run you $5, which may or may not be worth arousing homicidal rage in your type snob friends, it’s your call.


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