Light Up The Room With Your Dance Moves In These LED Shoes

Time for a little dancing in the dark? A new shoe design by Tokyo-based studio No New Folk takes light-up soles from mid-’90s kids’ wear to hip accessory for the 21st century. Almost 100 LED lights wrap around the sole of the all-white shoes. The colors and patterns can be adjusted with a smartphone.

Designed with artists and performers in mind, the shoes come with software that can be synced to control a music system or image projector with your sick moves. It’s part high-tech fashion, part dance-party experiment. Developers can also create their own applications for the shoe system. These aren’t exactly the kind of shoes you’d strut across the catwalk in (in the daytime, they resemble comfort-first nurse footwear more than anything), but attached to the feet of a breakdancer in a dark studio, they become magic.

The designers are currently seeking $30,000 on Indiegogo to bring Orphe to market, and the project is almost two-thirds of the way funded already.

[via designboom]SF