This Stroller Doubles As A Bike Seat

Sometimes when I see parents in the wild, I just can’t believe the amount of things they are capable of carrying. The average parent seems to me like a walking, talking version of Fibber McGee’s closet–just one item away from collapsing into a clattering pile of parental bric-a-brac.

I suppose that’s just one of many reasons why I love the Påhoj concept by Swedish designer Lycke von Schantz. It’s a beautiful, elegant design combining a bike seat with a stroller, consolidating what is usually two separate objects parents need to carry around with them, and consequently enabling parents to be more active with their children.

It’s that last part that’s the most important thing about the concept. Because let’s face it, parents can use all the freedom they can get. The Påhoj allows parents who might have otherwise been tied to a stroller to commute with their kid on a bike, as opposed to having to throw a stroller in the trunk and drive. “Growing up in Lund, Sweden’s largest bike city, and living several years in Amsterdam, biking has always been the natural way of transportation for me,” Lycke says. “Why should becoming a parent put an end to that?”

The Påhoj isn’t for sale right now, although it’s under development as a commercial product, and was recently tested at the former lab operated by Brio in Osby, Sweden, a leading manufacturer of safe wooden toys for kids. It’s expected to launch on Kickstarter soon. You can keep your eye on the project at the official website here.

[via Design Milk]