This Clever Lamp Grows Out Of Your Wall

Off-center lighting is the only way to go in your living room, but it comes with a lot of trade-offs. Lamps have ugly cords you can trip on, and they either take up a big part of your floor or a big part of your table.

Not so the Wald Plug Lamp, by Feltmark. It functions as a table lamp or a floor lamp that doesn’t have a cord, doesn’t need a table, and doesn’t take up any room on the floor. Instead, it grows right out of your wall socket, giving off-center light at the perfect height, without any of the drawbacks.

The Los Angeles-made Wald Plug Lamp looks like some sort of elegant Victorian lighting fixture. It plugs directly into a wall socket as an elbow of blue or olive metal piping, terminating at a small block of white ash or black walnut wood. This block in turn houses a small, stylish T10 tubular incandescent bulb.

It comes in two different lengths. If you want one that is a little closer to the floor, there’s a 2-foot version starting at $139, and a 3-foot version for $159. Some might be put off by the fact that it doesn’t have a lampshade. But why hide a bulb that pretty?

You can purchase a Wald Plug Lamp from Feltmark here.