Magical Portraits Of Cat Ladies Besieged By Furry Friends

As any good cat lady will tell you, the secret to happiness is always more cats. If I could be constantly surrounded by a horde of feline friends without my roommates leaving me to pay our entire rent, I would happily adopt dozens. (Instead, I simply take a quick break every day to stare at the 150,000 photos I’ve taken of my singular cat.) Montreal-based photographer Andréanne Lupien seems to know the feeling.

Maude, Henri

Her series, “Crazy Cat Lovers,” places cat owners in the center of a universe filled with multiple incarnations of their pet. Using multiple exposures and handfuls of treats, she creates the illusion of a room filled with identical cats in different positions: playing, jumping through the air, perched precariously on the printer or television, resting in the owner’s arms, and staring at the camera.

Lupine found her subjects through an announcement for the project on her Facebook page, and photographed them in their homes. Some were friends; others were strangers. The result is a melange of cat lovers in their element. The cats take over the entire room, as cats are wont to do, leaving their owners dwarfed by a herd of feline mischief. The portrait subjects seem more than experienced in letting the cats take over their lives, though.

[via Feature Shoot]