• 03.31.15

These Dissolving Coffee Pods Are The Anti-Keurig

These sugar-covered pods dissolve in your coffee, so they’re gentle on the environment.

A minimally designed new coffee maker from Singapore-based designer Eason Chow fixes one of the biggest problem with single-serving coffee machines, like Keurig: their plastic coffee pods are incredibly wasteful. Chow’s Droops Coffee Maker–unfortunately just a concept at this point–uses coffee pods covered in sugar, which dissolve as hot water pours through the pod. His pods come in various shapes and sizes to include different coffee flavors and to adjust the amount of sugar to the drinker’s liking. Chow said he was inspired by sugar-coated candy from his childhood, which would reveal different flavors as the layers dissolved.


Chow’s design is brilliantly simple: the three-part machine is stacked on a heating base. On top of that, you have a metal water container and a pump. When all three are stacked, they complete a circuit, allowing the product to function without any additional wiring or controls, aside from an on/off button on the front.

Chow says that the aesthetic of the machine was as important to him as the function. Most coffee machines, he told Co.Design “neglect the importance of their appearance and of social responsibility.” Droops seems like a smart alternative for all the Keurig-crazed consumers out there–as long as they can handle a little sugar.

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