Google Maps Is Now A Giant Game Of Secret Pac-Man

As what looks like an early tip of the hat to April Fool’s Day, Google has released an actual version of Google Maps Pac-Man that turns city streets into a grid of power pellets and ghosts.

To play, you simply load Google Maps on any device, but you’ll have to find where in the world Pac-Man is hiding, first. You can use this list of hints as to where here may be here. *Cough* try the Vogue offices *cough*. You initiate a game by tapping on Pac-Man, and you’ll watch as the streets turn into a videogame before your eyes. Unfortunately, you don’t play by running around the city at top speed, dodging real taxi cabs and imaginary ghosts. Instead, you use either swipes (mobile) or direction keys (laptops) to speed pill-popping Pac-Man toward his trademark, chemical-fueled victory.

The game will only be available for a limited time, after which we’ll have to start using Google Maps for what it was intended, again: Turning off the video games and experiencing* the real world around us.

* Or making Google tons of money by knowing where we are at all times and serving hyper specific ads based upon our location and needs.

Learn more here.

[H/T: Kotaku and Verge]