Watch The Intricate Process Of Crafting Handmade Sunglasses

This video for Dutch* sustainable sunglass maker Dick Moby takes us through the process by which it creates these snazzy handcrafted shades, made in Italy, all led by a narration from a pair of sunglasses.

We start by watching the acetate mixture that will comprise the rims of the sunglasses, a surprisingly involved process that makes up the majority of the video. The biodegradable plastic is mixed with color, rolled out flat, shredded, pressed, sliced, and then polished to make the frames. The lenses are popped in and the whole thing is hand-screwed together. It’s an impressive amount of crafting for sunglasses that cost anywhere between $150 and $170.

And in case you were worried the whole thing was too cute, the inanimate narrator ends his tour by saying he “can’t wait to sit on your face.” Ah, the Dutch.

[via Sploid]

*An earlier version of this story said that Dick Moby was an Italian company. This is incorrect. It is Dutch, and its sunglasses are made in Italy. We regret the error.