4 Beautiful Accessories Inspired By Early 20th Century Parisian Design

In place of evening bags, many early 20th century Parisian fashionistas carried dainty minaudières. These elegant cases, invented by jewelry company Van Cleef & Arpels, were often made in silver, platinum, or gold, and had compartments for holding only a few essential items: a makeup compact, lipstick, keys, a watch, and cigarettes.

Parisian designer Pauline Deltour’s new “Fine” Collection for Lexon gives a contemporary update to the accessory. The elegant collection–which includes a Bluetooth speaker, a USB keyring, a business cardholder, and a portable phone charger–is the modern equivalent of the contents of a minaudière, and draws inspiration from the early jewelers who made such cases.

This is the rare techie-accessory collection designed specifically for women that isn’t doused in frou-frou pink. Instead, the pieces incorporate subtler and more functional feminine design features. The cardholder houses a compact mirror. The cylindrical Bluetooth speaker wouldn’t look out of place on a vanity table, and turns on when you twist it, mimicking the design of a lipstick tube. The portable charger is inspired by the design of metal cigarette cases (smartphones have nearly replaced nicotine as Paris’s most fashionable addiction). Even the design of the USB keyring is fresh and thoughtful–its curved shape is modeled after that of a children’s whistle.

“Van Cleef & Arpels or Cartier minaudières were a wealth of ingenuity and technical perfection, with extreme attention to detail combining sophistication and minimum clutter,” Deltour, who graduated from the Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2007, says in a statement. The Fine collection reflects this lack of clutter with clean lines and sleek materials–all anodized aluminum, with the “chic Parisian colors” of gunmetal, burgundy, dark blue, and soft gold.

Items from the Fine Collection range from $20 (for the USB/Keyring) to $63 (for the Bluetooth speaker), and are available here.