The Hue Go: A Lantern For The Connected Age

Philips has unveiled a new, portable, color-changing lamp that’s like a lantern for the connected age.

The Hue Go will wake you up in the morning to the glow of simulated sunlight, then, thanks to an internal battery that lasts three hours and a body that’s cool to the touch, the Go can follow you around your house, setting the mood in one of 16 million colors, or sync to iOS and Android apps to convey smartphone alerts.

Whether or not you’d buy the Go–being responsible for carrying around a programmable light all day might not be your definition of relaxation–it’s a provocative piece of industrial design that conveys an almost sci-fi utopian ideal. You can almost imagine the designer’s manifesto just by looking at it, something along the lines of, ”What if light itself was your little friend whom you always carried with you?” It’s the sort of concept that might be rendered up by an ambitious Kickstarter entrepreneur, raise a bunch of money from a naive audience, and then be realized horribly by the constraints of industrial manufacturing.

It’s also the latest commercial release from Philips, which has made moves in recent months to rejigger its LED lighting business. Yesterday, Philips sold the majority of its LED components and auto-lighting businesses to an investment group. And last month, Philips announced that it would separate its remaining lighting businesses, Lighting Solutions, from the rest of the company to prepare for an IPO. Let’s hope with all these changes, Philips still has the wherewithal to release cool experiments like the Go.

Hue Go will be available for $100 in the next few months.

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[H/T: The Verge]