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This Violin Looks Like A Sci-Fi Weapon

Monad Studio is radically reinventing instruments for their 3-D printed musical ensemble.

This Violin Looks Like A Sci-Fi Weapon
[Photos: via Monad Studio]

Husband and wife design team Eric Goldemberg and Veronica Zalcberg, founders of Miami's Monad Studio, have a consistent aesthetic. Whether they're building a guitar or designing an office building, their work resembles something that's crawled out of one of the Alien films. And their latest project is ambitious, to say the least.

In what may be the first 3-D printed band, the duo are entirely redesigning five instruments, which will be played live by five musicians at an upcoming performance at the 3-D Print Design Show in New York later this month. Working with artist and musician Scott F. Hall, their first design was a radically reimagined violin, an object with only two strings that looks like a terrifying sci-fi weapon.

"It sounds surprisingly similar to a regular violin," Godemberg told Co.Design. "It just requires the musician to reprogram himself in order to play it."

The other four instruments Monad are building include two didgeridoos, a sitar, and a cello, all of which will be altered from their traditional forms. After the New York performances, the instruments and musicians will be shipped to Beijing for another festival, and will continue to tour the world after. With luck, their music will be as intriguing and beguiling as their instruments.