These 10 Simple Posters Visualize Your Brain On Drugs

In “This Is Your Brain on Drugs,” graphic designer Meaghan Li visualizes the effects of different mind-altering substances in poster form.

The project, made for a psychology class at Duke University, is named after a series of anti-narcotics PSAs run by Partnership for a Drug-Free America in the late ’80s, which used fried and scrambled eggs as a visual metaphor for destroyed brains post-drug use.

And while this new series of posters don’t fully communicate what it’s like to see elves speak in rhyme and then witness your own death while on DMT, they do what their ’80s forbearers never bothered to attempt, providing simple, clever representations of the way your mind might feel on those various substances.

Head to Meaghan Li’s website to see all the posters.

[via Fubiz]CD