Turn Any Old Street Into A Cherry Tree-Lined Wonderland With This Google Maps Hack

There is a land where children skip through rows of blossoming cherry trees on their way to school, where concrete is carpeted in impossibly pink petals, and where magic still wraps its arms around humanity.

You do not live in this land.

So instead, the Japanese cosmetics company Lux has released a Google Maps hack called Sakura Dream that will add a row of cherry trees to any address you type. As admittedly cheesy as the idea is, in my own testing, I found the fantasy sort of works. I added cherry trees to my barren homeland of Chicago, watching pedals float through the air by Alexander Calder’s Flamingo Sculpture and around the outskirts of Millennium Park. And even though my mind knew it was fake–heck, even my eyes could see the unnaturally vibrant polygons of these trees–my heart believed it was real. It still believes it was real.

Try it here.

[via psfk]MW