This Week’s Best Music Videos Are Full Of ’90s Cartoon Nostalgia

This Week’s Best Music Videos Are Full Of ’90s Cartoon Nostalgia

This week’s best music videos were heavy on animation influenced by ’90s visual culture, especially video game graphics and cartoons: noise champions Lightning Bolt’s visual for “The Metal East” features what look like mutated Dragon Ball Z characters; Heems’s video for “Sometimes” includes a parody of a dorky retro infomercial; and Tops’ “Driverless Passenger” is illustrated with a story of getting high in a flying car told through awkward graphics.

Todd Terje – “Alfonso Muskedunder”

Directed by Espen Friberg and animated by Bendik Kaltenborn, Todd Terje’s video for “Alfonso Muskedunder” wouldn’t look out of place on a Nick Jr. kids’ show in the ’90s, with its colorful, playful cartoons of singing and dancing animals.

Lightning Bolt – “The Metal East”

Lightning Bolt’s video for “The Metal East,” off Fantasy Empire, their first album in five years, looks like Dragon Ball Z mixed with Mario Kart mixed with acid; monsters and futuristic racecars stampede down a never-ending road. heads, Directed by Lale Westvind.

Heems – “Sometimes,” starring Hannibal Buress and Eric Andre

Heems (ex-Das Racist) sells a skin-whitening cream to comedian Eric Andre via a disturbing infomercial in this video for “Sometimes,” off his new album Eat Pray Thug. Andre learns a lesson the hard way after a stare-down with Hannibal Buress.

Tops – “Driverless Passenger”

The laconic cartoon stoners flying in a car in “Driverless Passenger” are what the cast of Daria might’ve been like if they’d gotten into psychedelics.

Panda Bear – “Tropic of Cancer”

Panda Bear’s new video for “Tropic of Cancer,” directed by Animal Collective member Avey Tare, is a slow-motion dreamscape featuring a family of paisley panda bears.CD