Control These Robotic Flowers With Your Mind

Self-proclaimed “robot fan” Ashley Newton has invented a set of gorgeous robotic flowers that you control with your mind.

Newton created the flowers, which look a bit like bioluminescent deep-sea creatures, along with artist Sean Stevens, her partner in their collective Sustainable Magic. Newton has a background in cognitive science, and she built the system to make the “internal [become] external,” she writes on the social network Neighborland. When wearing an EEG device, which measures brain waves, the user can change the shape and color of the flowers by focusing or relaxing.

Newton believes her experiment can help improve mindfulness. “The more you’re able to be aware of your mind and control it appropriately, the more effective you’ll be at doing whatever you want, and the better you’ll feel,” Newton says in a video. The flowers were on exhibit at San Francisco’s Market Street Prototyping Festival through April 11.

[via CityLab]SW