This Airport Ditches Walkways For A Running Track

In anticipation for the 2020 Olympics set to be held in Tokyo, Narita International Airport’s Terminal 3 has been given an appropriate makeover, combining a classic Olympic theme with a clever new wayfinding system.

Japanese creative agency PARTY was tasked with the redesign, and dispensed with the existing moving walkways and lighted signs, replacing them with new running track-inspired paths that guide travelers throughout the terminal. The color-coded track features blue lanes, indicating the way to departing areas, while red lanes leading to arrivals. Printed on the track are symbols and arrows directing travelers to baggage claim, transportation, and all the other essential airport locations. The wall signage is big and clear, using large icons with smart, subtle designs.

As far as decor goes, the furniture in the terminal was designed by Muji, adding to the highly-functional feel of the space. All this adds up to a terminal that is exquisitely designed and almost impossible to get lost in. Plus, this could be the perfect way to get exercise during a long layover. We’re not totally sure how the airport would feel about people using the track for running, but if you find yourself in Narita’s Terminal 3, you should probably give it a shot.

[via Designboom]