The Internet Freaks Out Over Hillary’s Campaign Logo

The Internet Freaks Out Over Hillary’s Campaign Logo
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Hillary Clinton announced her bid for presidency yesterday, and along with it, her campaign revealed its logo: an H with a red arrow pointing right. It’s easy to understand what designers liked about the logo. It’s an arrow moving forward–a symbol for action and progress. And it grounds a broader design language on her site, where arrows point to fields for her newsletter and making donations. Yet to some armchair critics it was Benghazi all over again. Here’s what the Internet had to say about Hillary’s new logo:

To Be Fair, There Was A Lot Of Anticipation

WikiLeaks Thought It Was Theirs

Others Thought It Looked Like Everything From A Hospital Sign To Cruise Ship Signage To The Twin Towers (Ugh)

NBC News Producer Matt Rivera Pointed Out That The Logo Is Nothing New

There Were Some Potshots, Of Course

But Some People Kept Perspective

Oh, And FWIW, Me Too.