These Clever Lamps Roll Up Like A Window Shade

French designer Bina Baitel is releasing a collection of lamps during Milan Design Week that will give owners ultimate control over how they light their spaces. The Recto-Verso lamps are super thin OLED devices, divided into panel segments that roll up like a window shade. Expose all of the light panels to cast a bright glare over a room; fold them up, and they emit a soft glow.

The design is made possible by OLEDs, which are lightweight, flexible and less energy-intensive than incandescent or fluorescent lighting. One of the main benefits of OLEDs is that they can be embedded in textiles, making them ideal for applications in experimental fashion and furniture design.

The collection includes floor lamps, table lamps, and wall fixtures. The Recto-Verso lamps will be on display at France Design‘s show in Milan this week.

[via Designboom]