These Modular Seats Can Be Infinitely Rearranged

What if rearranging your furniture were (almost) as easy as changing your clothes? The Self-Made Seat, a modular seating system by French designer Matali Crasset, is designed to be infinitely rearrangeable, letting your furniture adapt to the number of people, the time of day, or the activities you’re doing in your living space. They’re like building blocks for grown-ups.

© Campeggi

Launching at the Salone del Mobile in Milan this week and designed for Italian furniture company Campeggi, the cushioned blocks, which come in two different sizes, can be made into a sofa, a series of chairs, or used as individual poufs. With orange polypropylene straps functioning both as decorative stripes and handles, they’re light enough to be carried around like suitcases. It makes for a more dynamic, less boring interior, without the hernia-inducing difficulty of moving heavy furniture around.

The Self-made Seat is on show at the Salone del Mobile, pavilion 20, booth D 16, until April 19. It’s available for purchase from Campeggi here. Pricing available upon request.

[via Dezeen]