Cover Your Walls In A Galaxy Inspired By NASA’s Space Photography

How many kids, fascinated with the mysteries of space, have plastered glow-in-the-dark stars, planets, and moons on their bedroom ceiling? For people like me, it’s our first memory of taking an interest in interior design. Unfortunately, the stick-on stars become a little tacky past around 8th grade, but Calico Wallpaper is about to make outer space in your bedroom cool again: they’ve just released Inverted Spaces, a line of sophisticated wallpaper designs based on NASA imagery.

Calico Wallpaper is Nick and Rachel Cope, a husband-and-wife design team who specialize in bespoke wallpaper. By combining digital design and printing technologies with traditional artisanal methods, the Brooklyn duo’s goal is to return wallpaper to the status of art that it enjoyed in previous eras. For Inverted Spaces, Calico wanted to “celebrate the infinity that has surrounded us since the dawn of mankind” with a custom-made, panoramic universe on wallpaper.

The end product is the result of a collaboration with Amsterdam’s BCXSY concept design studio which started in the summer of 2014 with a trip to the Netherlands. Together, the two studios took NASA satellite images of the Big Dipper, the Orion Nebula, and other starfields, then flipped the colors of stars against infinity to dabs of metallic gold and silver on an ivory background

Inverted Spaces debuted at Salone del Mobile in Milan as a panoramic, non-repeating mural of the universe in negative. Going forward, Calico Wallpaper will be selling Inverted Spaces to customers directly. Unlike normal wallpaper, Calico’s designs aren’t sold by the roll, but as a custom installation for each client. So if you want to slap Inverted Spaces on a wall, it will cost you around $32 per square foot.

You can visit Calico Wallpaper’s website here.