These Shelves Double As Mid-Century Modernist Dollhouses For Grown-Ups

Playing with a dollhouse as an adult might result in a Peter Pan Syndrome diagnosis–unless your dollhouse doubles as a functional shelf for holding accepted grown-up signifiers like car keys, reading glasses, and mail, like The Floating House shelves.

Designed by Canadian furniture maker Judson Beaumont for Straight Line Designs, the wall-mounted dollhouses are inspired by the post-modern architecture of Palm Springs, Florida.

Composed of recycled and leftover materials from the Judson Beaumont shop–scrap wood, recycled plastic laminate, and cork–they’re also filled with miniature modernist furniture, which makes for a playful sense of scale when it’s sitting next to comparatively giant iPhones (which can be hung on the dollhouse wall like a television) or rolls of duct tape.

This is the first in a series of Floating House shelves–future editions, according to Beaumont’s website, will be inspired by warehouses, grain elevators, and other architectural icons. It’s an imaginative reinvention of an often boring furniture staple–the shelf–that combines a childlike sense of play with an architecture snob aesthetic.

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