These Interior Sets Full Of Street Junk Are Nicer Than Most Living Rooms

Anyone who’s ever lived in large city knows the feeling of discovering some amazing piece of furniture on the street, and has probably thought it wouldn’t be difficult to furnish an entire room, or even apartment, only using those street finds. Photographer Justin Bettman and stylist Gozde Eker have proven this idea workable with a series of photos they call Set In The Street.

To make this happen, Bettman and Eker hit the streets in search of free stuff, sometimes using Craigslist or receiving donations from friends, They assembled these items into street-side sets which are remarkably stylish and substantial looking when Bettman’s photos are zoomed in. In his wider shots, the sets are revealed to be a strange aberration on the sidewalk, a miniature world separate from that around it, including evocative human scenes like a young girl looking forlornly at her bed, or a family opening Christmas presents.

Bettman leaves his sets up after photographing them, and leaves a note encouraging pedestrians to take photos of the set themselves, using the hashtag #setinthestreet. One man, Jose Luis, took this interaction to the next level, by asking Bettman for a set specifically designed for him to propose to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day this year. The moment is caught in the video above, and the results are picture-perfect.

[via Ignant]SW