Flowchart: How To Choose A Typeface

Once you really understand them, typefaces can be powerful. A properly chosen font can either give your words authority, or totally undermine them. Even a typeface as openly reviled as Comic Sans, which is ludicrous in the context of an email from your boss or as the typeface on a business card, can be extraordinarily powerful in the right context.

And when you’re first learning about type, determining which font is appropriate for which situation is confusing. For those who’ve just started really thinking about fonts, the “How To Choose A Typeface” poster from the Design Deck seems like a good flowchart to hang above your desk.

Featuring 43 different typefaces (including popular ones like Bodoni, Futura, Garamond, Helvetica, Gotham, and Baskerville), the poster walks you through the decision-making process on how to pick an appropriate font. Need a funky, standout font for a modern looking body text? Try Rockwell, PMN, or Caecilia? Or want something stylish, neutral, and professional? Give Futura or Gill Sans a try.

For $20, it’s a good primer on how to use typefaces, but it’s just skimming the surface of the galaxy of type. If you need something more detailed, though? Hey, we’ve got you covered.

You can purchase the “How To Choose A Typeface” poster from the Design Deck here.JB