Send Friends Drawings Of Their Spirit Animals With These Adorable Postcards

Animal fan art goes way back–the world’s oldest paintings, some dating from 40,000 years ago, feature seals, miniature buffalo, and fruit-eating pig-deer, among other beasts. Animal Box, a collection of 100 colorful postcards by 10 artists, proves the tradition is still going strong. They’re illustrated with animals, from cats and dogs to lemurs and zebras, curated by Brooklyn artist Happy Menocal.

Happy Menocal

The artists’ wildly different styles, which range from Sirichai’s geometric minimalism to Adrien Vermont’s childlike colored pencil drawings paired with Latin binomial nomenclature, remind us how many different ways there are of looking at a given creature–and of how so many animals are weirder-looking than anything even the most deranged artist could dream up. The collection also lets you stick to the same box of postcards for a while without getting bored of a repetitive design–each of the 100 illustrations is unique. Check out a selection in the slide show above.

Animal Box is available from Princeton Architectural Press here for $20. A portion of the proceeds from each box sold will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund.CD