What Your Name Sounds Like As A Hip-Hop Beat

Lorde sounds like a late night movie on Cinemax. Rihanna sounds like some lost track from a Miami Vice. Drake just sounds forgettable.

I’m typing names into TypeDrummer, a website-based midi sequencer by Kyle Stetz that turns the characters you type into beat. It lets you make music just by typing words and letters.

At first, I thought it’d be fun to type my name, some famous artist names, and a couple of curse words. (Let me assure you, “fuck” has a particular zing when it involves a high hat.) Then I began typing sentences, to create longer, more complex beats. And then I started manipulating the machine with intent, adding a “ggg” or an “xxxxx” where I wanted to pepper in old school hip-hop flare.

At that point, I realized the real cleverness behind TypeDrummer. Without any understanding of beats, notation, or how MIDI sequencers work, it lures you into creating music through the language you already know.

Try it here.

[via reddit]