These Incredibly Thin, Simple Headphones Don’t Use Any Wires

Traditionally, making headphones is a complex process. The devices are commonly made up of at least 50 parts, and the production process is lengthy. But a new kind of headphones, created using a technique called roll-to-roll processing, are thin, simple, and easy to produce.

With roll-to-roll processing, the entire manufacturing process takes place on one long roll of plastic, which is “printed” with conductive materials and other technology along a single assembly line. There’s no need for wires or injection molding–the materials are deposited exactly where they need to be and cut out into their final shape at the end.

Maxieme Loiseau is the designer responsible for these super thin and simple headphones, which are comprised of only eight parts. The speaker technology, only a millimeter thick, is based on a piezoelectric cell, which uses electricity stored in crystalized substances to generate sound, and is comparable in quality to a regular headphone speaker.

All this simplicity adds up to a smart, utilitarian design which does exactly what it needs to do any nothing more.

[via Designboom]