3 Weird Optical Illusions Inspired These Lovely Home Objects

Everyone loves a good optical illusion. Here are three good ones, based on shadows, motion, and perception, which Japanese design firm YOY has turned into a trio of fun, cool home furniture objects.

First, there’s the Float. The lamp mounts to your wall along with a rigid length of cord. When it’s turned on, two irregular motors gently sway the lamp back and forth. Because the cord stays straight, the Float makes your entire room look like it’s rocking back and forth, like on a boat.

Next, the Shadow, a vase-shaped lamp. Placed up against the wall, it casts a sort of reverse shadow in the dark, illuminating its silhouette courtesy of some in-baked LEDs.

Finally, there’s the Lens. It’s a standard wall mirror with a section that looks as if a magnifying glass was placed over the top-right corner. But while the bezel in that spot has been made physically bigger, the glass doesn’t actually cast your reflection any bigger. Which seems like sort of a missed opportunity: you could have a good time with some fun house style glass in there.

[via Design Milk]