Watch Lena Dunham Pimp New York’s Lowline Park On Kickstarter

The “Girls” star uses her clout to back a plan to build an underground park in Manhattan.

Inspired by the success of the High Line, a park that sits atop an elevated train track in Manhattan, a group of architects and planners has set upon a new, even more outlandish project: the Lowline, an underground park that would inhabit an abandoned trolley station on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. New York cultural darling and TV star Lena Dunham evidently supports the park: she appeared in the project’s new Kickstarter video, listing all the things she’ll do at the Lowline once it’s built (in classic Lena Dunham fashion, of course). “Talk to a friend about their break up. Not my break up,” “Eat a sandwich alone,” etc.


The Lowline’s latest Kickstarter is raising money for a structure that would filter natural sunlight to the park 15 feet underground, using a series of mirrors and light diffusers similar to a telescope. It’s a grand vision, one that requires $200,000 in funding. But if Lena Dunham, the woman who went from making indie films to snagging a $3.7 million dollar book deal in a few short years, believes in it, anything is possible.

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