The Humble Candlestick Reinvented 25 Different Ways

Apart from being an effective mood setter, candles are pretty superfluous in the modern era. As objects to behold, though, candlesticks present an opportunity for designers to flex their creative muscle.

For an exhibition presented during NYCxDesign last month, the American Design Club and lighting company Roll and Hill invited designers to dream up fantastical visions for candlesticks.

Curse the Darkness—a riff on an Eleanor Roosevelt quote saying that “it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness”—featured dozens of impressive designs. Some participants in the group show opted to go the practical route by incorporating storage for matches within the designs, others got experimental with materials, and some made things that were just downright gorgeous. The pieces are all one-offs, unfortunately, and not for sale.

See a selection of the candlesticks in the slide show above or head to American Design Club to see the full collection.DB