McDonald’s Made Drive-Thru Packaging For Bikes

McDonald’s may be best known for its suburban-friendly drive-thrus catering to minivans full of children, but in a promotion led by Tribal, the burger company has introduced a somewhat wild idea in the world of fast food: Bike-friendly packaging.

The folding cardboard container looks to be inspired by hotel do-not-disturb signs as it dangles precariously from your handlebars. But inside, it’s a tiny feat of fast food engineering, with two compartments–one for a burger, one for a small fry–and a hole at the bottom that creates a cupholder for your drink.

No doubt, it’s a bit of a gimmick; the concept was created by an ad agency, after all. But when you consider how poorly McDonald’s has been appealing to millennial eaters, and you cross reference that with the rapid rise of urban bike culture (NYC bikers have quintupled since 2002), you realize, maybe this really is a decent idea idea that could have a bottom line impact in the right locations. It could be the Happy Meal for cyclists. You could even imagine a McDonald’s, in the right market, having a tiny drive-thru that’s just for people on bikes.

The bike-friendly packaging has launched in both Copenhagen and Medellin, and will make its way to Tokyo and Amsterdam next.

[via Gizmodo]MW