The Beauty Of Blood: A Spin Through Europe’s Largest Blood Factory

Touring a blood factory isn’t exactly high on most people’s bucket lists. Yet photographer and videographer Greg White makes a compelling case for it in Blood, his gorgeous short film that captures the sterile beauty of Europe’s largest blood center.

White shot most of the footage at Filton Blood Center at night, when bags of donated blood arrive in droves to be tested, filtered, and repackaged before they’re sent to hospitals across the U.K. Under bright florescent lights, blood bags hang from hooks, are stacked on freezer shelves or travel along conveyor belts, moving silently through the frame as the camera remains still.

The result is a video so lovely and meditative that you’ll forget that you’re watching human blood creep slowly down plastic tubes. “I wasn’t really wasn’t thinking of it as blood, it’s more a mechanical thing to me,” White said in a phone interview. “I go to many industrial places and see many product lines. I just like repetition of form; once you find it in a film camera lens it makes a pleasing aesthetic.”

Though the video Blood is a personal project, White first visited Filton Blood Center to photograph it for a story on “golden blood”–the rarest blood types in the world–for the online science journal Mosaic. His photo series, also called Blood, can be found here.MM