Spoiler Alert! 9 Movie Posters That Spoil The Endings Of Hollywood Blockbusters

In our spoiler-obsessed culture, giving away the end of a movie is viewed as rude at best…and a crime worthy of being drawn-and-quartered at worst. Warsaw-based designer Dawid Frątczak just doesn’t give a damn, though: his Spoiler Alert! series takes malevolent glee in spoiling the end of Hollywood movies, right in the poster.

In Frątczak’s The Empire Strikes Back poster, for instance, Darth Vader’s helmet gets a “world’s greatest dad” sticker slapped right across it. Tony Kaye’s American History X shows the fate of Edward Furlong’s character, thanks to a brain-spattered silhouette in front of a urinal bank. Donnie Darko? Forget the nightmarish rabbit, it’s just a jet engine crushing a bed. And Frątczak’s irreverent poster for Ron Howard’s A Beautiful Mind is best described by the words that precede the title, “His friends were all part of his…”

Other films in the Spoiler Alert! series include 127 Hours, Kill Bill, The Number 13, 300 and The Lord of the Rings. They’re all well-done, which is sure to make them extra irritating to the spoiler adverse: you almost can’t help but be drawn into them, but by the time you’ve looked at them, it’s already too late. (To be fair, these are movies you should have seen by now. Well, except for The Number 23. -Ed.)

See more of Frątczak’s work here.JB