America’s Lost Roadside Attractions, Seen Through Postcards

Is there anything more American than a road trip? The interstate highway system, which enabled our famous car culture and iconic suburbs, were a symbol of our country’s prosperity in the post-war era. But the time when family owned businesses and quirky attractions lined two-lane highways has passed, replaced by freeways, fast food chains, and Holiday Inns.

Marty’s Lobster House – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Cardboard America, Jordan Smith‘s collection of vintage postcards, recalls this era, and provides valuable documentation of these fading landmarks. Smith’s website allows you to filter the postcards by state, and contains detailed information for each card, including their date and anything written on the reverse side. These cards showcase a wide variety of buildings and attractions, ranging from modern hotels and restaurants to natural landmarks. Looking through Smith’s collection, we can almost imagine driving down the highway in our Ford station wagon, with doo-wop on the radio and our nuclear family packed inside. Gee, wiz!

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