This Real-Time Feed Of Hyperlapse Videos Is Like An Infinite Music Video

Instagram’s Hyperlapse apps is capable of producing some eye-catching time lapse videos, but more often than not, we only come across them sporadically while scrolling through our Instagram feeds. But with Hyperlax, all the latest Hyperlapse videos posted on Instagram are matched up with with a stream of music taken from Soundcloud, essentially creating an instant music video that you can watch for as long as you like.

The best thing about Hyperlax is its inherently voyeuristic nature that lets you get a peek at what people around the world are up to. The video may jump from a busy Tokyo street to a river in the Philippines to a country road in England as the default mid-tempo electronic beats make you feel like you’re watching a lost relic from the chillwave era.

As Hyperlax creator Taylor Crane explains, Hyperlax is “meant to be a bit of an escape, a bit voyueristic, a bit relaxing.” It is certainly mesmerizing. Hyperlax feels like a perfect accompaniment for our strangely connected world, giving us brief, sometimes beautiful glimpses into the lives of people we’ll never know or meet.

[via Prosthetic Knowledge]