Sleuth Your Way Through A Wes Anderson-Inspired World In This Free Video Game

If filmmaker Wes Anderson were to design a video game, he’d create something like Maquisard. The 2-D game is based loosely on Anderson’s film The Grand Budapest Hotel, and it has the pastel hues and twee affectations to match.

In the game, you’re a Lobby Boy, the protagonist of Anderson’s film, though the plot similarities don’t go much further. Maquisard was created by students at New York University’s Game Center, and it asks you to find a secret government agent hiding in the hotel.

But the real fun is in exploring the design. The game is set up like a dollhouse, in which you can either view all the action at once, or zoom in to see a single room. There, you’ll find classic Andersonian flourishes–a color palette like a pastry shop, analog technology in spades, an Iris Wipe transition from one scene to the next. One suspects the famously obsessive Anderson would approve. The game is available to download for free on Mac and PC.

[via Offworld]SW