This Giant Cube Can’t Walk, But It Sure Does Try

Think cubes are for squares? This pneumatic, kinetic sculpture Walking Cube breaks the shape out of its rigid form. By connecting twelve computer controlled air pistons, the sculpture stumbles forward, like a newly born animal or, perhaps exactly, like a robot learning to walk.

Pier Schnieder, Jason Cook, and Francois Wunschel of 1024 Architecture designed the sculpture. “The software was the hardest challenge. How can you move one edge of a cube without deforming the entire shape?” Cook told The Creator’s Project. Schnieder also used an animal metaphor to describe their work. “We wanted it to move and dance. Manipulate architecture. It’s really like a little animal,” he said. “Like a little bird who just found out he can move and fly. This little basic object that comes alive.”

[via Boing Boing]