Sleep On The Side Of A Mountain In These Vertigo-Inducing Pods

We all know traveling can be a hassle, but usually it doesn’t involve a harness. Inconvenience is the appeal in at the Natura Vive Skylodge Adventure Suites in Cuzco, Peru, where guests must literally climb a mountain to their accommodations. Their rooms are transparent pods, which they reach after climbing over 1,300 feet up a cliff face.

The pods, which hang off the side of the cliff, measure 24 feet in length by 8 feet in height and width, and are made of see-through polycarbonate plastic and aluminum. The pods contain four beds, a small dining area and a bathroom with a toilet, separated from the rest of the pod by an insulated wall (yet still visible to any passing birds or especially nimble mountain goats). The suites also have six built-in windows and additional air vents to keep them fresh inside. Lights inside the pods are powered by solar panels.

Just watching Natura Vive’s video of a climb up the mountain makes us nervous, but we do get the appeal. The view 1,000 feet up the side of what the Peruvians call “Sacred Valley” is beyond spectacular. The video shows the lovely pod interiors, which they cleverly call a “million star hotel,” complete with a queen-size bed and a bottle of wine. After that journey, a glass of something is the least intrepid travelers deserve. This adventure will only cost you about $290, thanks to the conversion rate. It may not be your typical luxury suite, but it is quite a deal!

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