Learn How Hex Color-Codes Work By Playing Space Invaders

Anyone who’s built a webpage has encountered hexadecimal colors–the six-digit codes that identify one of 16,777,216 different colors you encounter on the web. It’s easy enough to identify the code of any given color in Photoshop, but do you know how this logic actually works?

I’ll admit to having no clue how the math worked until five minutes ago when I fired up Hex Invaders–a game by digital agency 352 Inc. It explained that each code was really just a depiction of RGB (red green blue) values, and then put a canon, along with the fate of the human race, in my hand as swarms of aliens headed my way.

I couldn’t just shoot them all. (Why not? Shhh. This is an educational game, that’s why not.) So my only remaining option was to Neo-up, read some hexidecimal code on the fly, and blast the properly colored aliens from the sky.

The world is safe, and now I know what #00ff00 means. You cannot buy this level of smug!

Try it here.

[via Creative Pro]MW