A Serbian-Born Artist And Designer Draws Inspiration From Belgrade Architecture

Ana Kraš is a rising star in the design world. The Serbian-born furniture maker, artist, and model was featured in the NYC Makers: MAD Biennial for her colorful Bonbon lanterns, her illustrations were shown last year at New York’s Ed. Varie gallery and she has modeled as the face of the clothing brand Lou & Grey.

In the short documentary below, director Aaron Rose shot Kraš in her native Belgrade as she explains the unexpected influences that the city’s communist-era architecture has had on her artwork. Abrupt stop-motion sequences showing her furniture and paintings are mixed in with lingering shots of the beautiful concrete social living buildings that dot Belgrade’s landscape. “I definitely have a thing for those communist shapes,” Kras says. “It always has been more appealing to me than a classic shape. There is a certain roughness that I can see in my own work.”

One look at Kras’s portfolio and you can see that the sandy oranges, light greys, and faded blues of the city have also seeped their way into her work. With gorgeous shots of Belgrade, the video is as much a profile of the city as it is of Kras–and one that lovers of travel and Brutalist architecture will especially appreciate.

[via Nowness]