Profanity-Laden Design Swag To Help You Get Motivated

From the design duo behind Good Fucking Design Advice, the website that dispenses profanity-ridden advice for designers, comes a Swag Pack of stickers, pencils, sharpies, stickers, and temporary tattoos that boldly offer their own two cents to designers.

True to form, the design advice featured in GDFA’s Swag Pack can be a little, um, aggressive–but in the midst of a creativity block or in a particularly hopeless slump at work, it’s also likely exactly what you need to hear. A bright orange coaster reminds you to “Trust your fucking process” and old-fashioned block erasers demands that you “Make fucking mistakes.” And who needs CAD when you have at your disposal a Rapid Prototyping Device (pencil)? You’ll be fucking unstoppable.

The GDFA website has been dispensing foul-mouthed advice since 2010 when it was founded by designers Brian Buirge and Jason Bacher. They’ve since expanded their operation to include an online store, where they sell “Colorful, well-designed, high-quality merchandise by people who give a shit.” That includes coffee mugs, T-shirts and expletive-riddled inspirational posters–one of which can be found in the office of Apple design guru Jony Ive.

Sometimes all you need is a little tough love to get motivated. Or as GDFA puts it on the top of their Swag Pack: “Remember, swearing is caring.”

Buy the Swag Pack and check out more GDFA merchandise here.