Upgrade Your Mornings With This Gorgeous, Blinged-Out Coffee Set

Coffee can be as mundane as a to-go cup of murky swill from a deli or as civilized as copper-clad service courtesy of Tom Dixon.

The British designer describes his Brew collection as “a celebration of the coming together of heat, steam, water and coffee grounds.” While that may sound like a jaunt through a bathhouse, Dixon calls it a tribute to the modern-day coffee ceremony.

The elegant set includes a French press, espresso cups, serving tray, milk pan, stovetop brewer, cookie tin, caddy, and scoop. Made from robust stainless steel, the pieces have a blingy outer layer of copper. Do right by the glossy designs and purchase an artisanal roast to use along with Brew—and save the Folgers for your Mr. Coffee machine.

The collection will be available from this fall.DB