The Inner Workings Of An Airport, Captured Beautifully In Tilt-Shift

Sixty million passengers arrive to and depart from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport each year, on any one of 490 different planes. The scene should be total chaos. Of course, it can’t be, or air travel as we know it would die.

In this video, the prolific Tokyo videographer darwinfish105 captures the Haneda Airport as the beautiful, mechanized operation it is. Through a combination of time-lapse and tilt-shift photography techniques, Haneda becomes a miniature model that moves with spectacular efficiency. Planes are refueled by long trucks that snake perfectly into place. Jets pass overhead at regular increments. In the moment, air travel might feel like anarchy. But from afar, it’s as neat and as predictable as a ticking clock.

[via Creator’s Project]