Assemble This Furniture By Beating The Shit Out Of It

Flat pack furniture is great in theory, but in practice it can be complex and overwrought (looking at you, Ikea). The founders of Whackpack, a company that just received backing on Kickstarter, have a solution: more brute force, fewer Allen wrenches and screws.

When Whackpack’s first piece—the ash wood Creepie stool—hits the market, here’s how you’ll assemble it: place one of the dowel legs into the seat, bash it with a mallet, repeat. Everything is included in the box. The process is based on an old Irish method called bodging and is “inspired by famine-era, make-do-with-what-you-have carpentry,” Whackpack’s Kickstarter states.

“Here we are trying to give people an opportunity to enjoy a tactile experience, to share it with their friends and family, and to have it done and dusted in just a few minutes,” designer Benny Magennis says. “We use a technique in Japanese joinery called the ‘stopped wedge joint’ known universally, but we much prefer the Japanese term of the ‘Hell Joint.’ Once it goes in, it doesn’t come out!”

While it would be awesome to make a renter-friendly stool that disassembles, there’s some solace in knowing that its probably sturdier than most flimsy flat-pack furniture. So after you’ve attempted and failed to put that Billy bookshelf together, vent your frustrations and build a Whackpack stool instead.

The Creepie stool will be available for sale mid August for $49, which includes free shipping to anywhere in the world.