Spy the World’s First Figure-Eight Ferris Wheel

Studio City Macau is so opulent, it even puts Las Vegas’s grandest hotels to shame. The leisure-entertainment complex is comprised of a casino floor, retail, restaurants, 1,600 rooms, and an epic Ferris wheel built directly into the Art Deco–inspired megaplex.

Featuring 17 Steampunk-themed cabins that rise 425 feet into the air, the Golden Reel follows a figure-eight pattern as it moves—a world’s first in Ferris wheel architecture—offering its riders a scenic view of the surrounding city. The Liechtenstein-based company Intamin Amusement Rides came up with the design.

While gambling is Macau’s economic bread and butter–35 casinos are crammed into 12 square miles–policy changes from Beijing have caused revenue to plummet nearly 40 percent in the last year. And to give you an idea of how staggering that impact is, Macau brought in 75% of Vegas’s annual gambling revenue in February 2014 alone. As developers look to tap into different cash streams, fantastical attractions like one-of-a-kind Ferris wheels become a surefire bet for drawing in tourist dollars. Up for a ride?

[via Gizmodo]