The Secret To Improving A 16th-Century French Cloister? String

It’s hard to improve upon a 16th century Gothic-style cloister, yet Parisian architects Atelier Yokyok did just that with Shooting Vaults, a series of covered walkways made from 48 miles of blue thread installed at St Stephen’s Cathedral in Cahors, France.

Made from stretching the died yarn over metal archways, the enclosed pathways have a semi-translucent, otherworldly quality that almost appears to be glowing when viewed from far away. While the installation certainly didn’t blend in with its surroundings, it did reflect them: the pointed lancet arches that provide entrances into the tunnels echo the architecture of the church. Installed overtop of the existing pathways, the tunnels converge at a “secret cloister” in the center.

Atelier Yokyok designed the installation in collaboration with metal sculptor Ulysse Lacoste and Laure Micarré, and using wool from Linea Piu Italia. Made from such delicate material, the installation was meant to be ephemeral–the architects dismounted the tunnels last weekend.

[via Dezeen]