Civilize Cocktail Hour With This Swanky Minibar

For Wallpaper‘s Handmade exhibition, designer Cecilie Manz—whose work for Bang & Olufsen you may recognize—collaborated with the Danish furniture company Rud Rasmussen on a modern minibar concept. Furniture dedicated to drinking seems yanked straight from a Mad Men set and Manz’s design celebrates a ritual from a bygone era. While it’s probably impractical for how most people live today (who has room for that large of a piece!), it’s a stunning design.

Manz crafted the piece from marble and cherry wood. The bar features a vessel for ice set into the tabletop and metal hooks to display glassware and hang a bluetooth speaker. “A minibar cabinet should be a place where you find comfort and pleasure,” she told Wallpaper.

To channel Manz’s ethos, you might consider CB2’s Elixir minibar ($300) or Normann Copenhagen’s Block cart ($295)—both smaller in scale and more flexible from a functional standpoint than Manz’s statement piece. (And, you know, actually available to purchase.)