These Bendable Shades May Never Go Out Of Style

You needn’t go further than Esquire’s summer 2015 roundup of tortoiseshell glasses to understand the hair-splitting nature of eyewear fashions. The slightest angling of the nosepiece can make a pair of glasses go from trendy, to tired, to classic. It’s enough to make you wonder, what if I could just bend these old glasses, just a bit…

That’s the philosophy behind BÆNDIT glasses, a line of eyewear built from swappable modules. You construct your own pair by combining a frame with lenses, earpieces, and a nose bridge. Then in a clever, literal twist, you can bend the frames over the nose or the ears, to both fit your face better, or further customize your look. (The flexible components are built from an alloy core, wrapped in silicone–what I imagine as a Jawbone Up that can be molded to your face.)

BÆNDIT seems to be marketing the resulting glasses in two ways: in one, the silicone components almost blend in with the plastic frames, camouflaging the modular nature of the glasses. In the other, the ears and nose bridge purposefully clash, calling attention to the bendability.

My eye favors the clashing designs, but my skinflint nature can’t help but prefer the more covert approach, if only for its attempt at a timeless aesthetic. Imagine spending $150 for a pair of Ray-Bans, but being able to contort them from season to season or swap in more fashionable lens shapes. Shelling out a premium in cash for high-end lenses and frames would no longer feel like such a premium. The glasses wouldn’t last you just a year or two. They could hang out on your face for a decade or more.

Until, of course, you lose them.

BÆNDIT glasses are available now. Prices seem to start around $120. Extra nose bridges and temple frames cost $50.

[via design milk]