DIY This Floor Lamp Using 3-D Printed Parts

Why settle for generic box-store products when you can construct your own designs? The folks at the Polish firm UAU Project think that more people can tap into their inner maker, and hope the SMF.01 lamp will help make that a reality.

The floor lamp is the first in UAU’s Self-Made Furniture line, which consists of 3-D printed components—a shade and joints—and items you can find at a typical hardware store—a light socket, bulb, and wooden dowels. “The idea was to make it as simple, cheap and available as possible,” UAU writes on its website.

Here’s how it works: download the 3-D files, print 13 pieces (the studio estimates it takes about eight hours), snap everything together, turn on lamp. There’s no complex assembly, nails, or glue needed. And the great part is that everything dissembles if you need to move. As for personalization, it’s as easy as painting the wood, using a different color extrusion for the 3-D printed parts, or finding just the right fabric-wrapped cord.

While the possibilities of 3-D printed design are endless—engineers have developed a robot that can print a bridge midair and fashion designers have sculpted jaw-dropping shoes and insanely detailed dresses, for example—printing an entire product poses time and cost limitations. The best solution might lie in using 3-D printing where you’ll get the most bang for your buck, like the small joints on the SMF.01 lamp.

The files and instruction booklets are downloadable from for about $7.