A Space-Saving Bed That Lowers From The Ceiling

In apartments where the square footage is measly but the ceilings are tall, maximizing vertical space is key. Streamlined shelves, attic storage and hanging bike hooks all save space by employing the same basic concept: when living space seems limited, look up.

BedUp takes this idea and applies it to your most cumbersome, sprawling piece of furniture. Like a revamped Murphy bed for 21st-century urbanites, the bed retracts from the ceiling when it’s needed, but otherwise just hangs out overhead. And since it will lower to whatever height you want, you can even leave room for furniture underneath.

With more people than ever living alone and in smaller spaces, the demand is high for furniture that frees up space while still performing its primary function. Designed by French furniture company Décadrages, the BedUp not only saves space, it looks good doing it. And since you add your own mattress, it will be as comfortable as you make it.